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Studio Information

Transformations Studio is a movement education studio featuring the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics. The Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics teaches movement education and motor re-patterning in conjunction with nervous system awareness.  We work with a diverse population of clientele, from those wanting to avoid surgery to those who have had surgery but remain in pain.  We also work with highly accomplished athletes and those individuals that want to improve their overall health and wellness. In addition, we work with a wide age group, the youngest client being 14 months old and the oldest being 94 (almost 95). Moreover, we take into account the body, mind and spiritual connection. We are able to address this wide scope of individuals and their needs because we teach movement principals that govern our neural, skeletal and muscular systems. Specifically, we give attention to appropriate neuro-recruitment, ideal joint arthrokinematics, ideal valve system biomechanics and the function of the kinetic chain.


Transformations Studio teaches the principles of movement specific to a clients needs.  We incorporate the teaching of functional exercises making use of a variety of movement education systems, including Pilates, strength and conditioning, speed and agility and cardiovascular conditioning. Due to this systematic and process-oriented approach, we do not offer a quick fix. Rather, time and patience are necessary components as clients relearn how to sit, stand and walk. The application of these new movement patterns and postures to their everyday activities requires practice outside of a client’s in-studio appointment.  Many people discover that this process not only corrects many injuries, it also gives them an overall sense of health and wellbeing. They also find that continuing the process enables them to maintain what they have learned as well as evolve their education of functional movement.

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