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This course is a brief Introduction to the Skeletal Structure and Basic Biomechanics.  It includes both lecture and application of the principles of joint biomechanics to your own movement patterns.  It will introduce you to the basic skeletal structure, the horizontals and verticals of the body, the biomechanics of the pelvic and shoulder girdles, reflexology application of hand and foot weight bearing and basic wrist/elbow/shoulder and ankle/knee/hip functions.  The course is a two- day, 13 hour course.  This course is a pre-requisite for the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics™ Educational Program.  For more detailed information on this course please click the link below:



This workshop provides an Introduction to the Valve System and Basic Compression Techniques.  Topics covered are a basic review of the Autonomic Nervous System and valve system as well as the benefits of Compression™ and basic Compression™ techniques.  Participants will get experience both giving and receiving Compression™.



This workshop provides an Introduction to the Characteristic Physical and Thought Pattern Traits of the fight or flight stress response.  It will briefly address the physical changes that occur in Stage 1 though 7 of the fight or flight stress response and provide practice observation opportunity through print and video.  The common thought pattern traits of language descriptors and labeling will be discussed.



This workshop provides an Introduction to Fascia and its Overall Function in the Body.  It is designed to expand your knowledge base of the fascia and valve systems of the body.  The basic differences between the anatomy trains and fascia bands will be discussed. Fascia Tensegrity and how it is influenced by the valve system in the parasympathetic and sympathetic states of the autonomic nervous system will be addressed.



This experiential workshop provides an Introduction to the Coordinating Movements of the Pelvic Girdle, Shoulder Girdle and Rib Cage in the Transverse Plane.  Participants will be spending the majority of the workshop moving and observing the motions of the pelvis, shoulder girdle and rib cage in the transverse plane on themselves and others.  In functional movement the transverse plane of motion occurs before the body can move in the sagittal (forward and back) plane of motion.  If the movement of the transverse plane is limited, the lumbar and cervical vertebra of the spine need to hyper-mobilize to create leverage for motion.  This is a common cause of lower back, neck and shoulder issues. 




Valve Breathing: 

Learn to Activate the Head Valves and Cranial Sacral Fluid Pumps

Sunday, January 10, 2021, 11a.m. PST

 See the following link for registration details:

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